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CDI Torque Wrench
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Whenever you come to a Cdi torque wrench, you need to get acquainted with all the ways and procedures to use it. A CDI torque wrench is something that is highly technical yet very delicate. While using this product, you can avail a lot of options but in order to make your efforts truly effective, you need to be acknowledged with its specifications and behaviors very promptly.

Torque wrenches are being used highly and the number of sales of this product has been seen at an increasing rate. From building a new building to manufacturing new products, from repairing automobile parts to renovating technical products, from fitting bathroom accessories to fixing household commodities; you can use a torque wrench. In all the cases, a CDI torque wrench can certainly be regarded as the best torque wrench.

What is a Cdi torque wrench?

Predominantly, torque wrenches are made for the ease and calculative force application. Cdi torque wrenches are specially built for the application of torque force at delicate magnitudes. Electronic products manufacturing, electrical products fixing and manufacturing, small IT equipment fitting at factories etc. tasks can be easily covered through CDI torque wrenches. You need to be noted that in manufacturing companies where a large number of products are produced and supplied, they use delicate computer controlled CDI torque wrenches rather than handheld/hand operated torque wrenches.

Why CDI torque wrenches?

Using the best torque wrench is truly necessary when you are worried about the product on which you are to work. For an example, while fixing two separate pipelines with a set of fasteners, you can easily use slide wrenches or something relevant. But in that case, you do not know how much torque you have applied and the limit the pipe can bear. Accidentally, you can apply more force than the pipe can bear which results in a crack at the fastening portion. This costs you the overall pipe again! This is the main purpose of using a Cdi torque wrench where you get digital ratings before your eyes.

Features of a CDI torque wrench:

Compared to most of the generic torque wrenches, the CDI torque wrench provides a set of benefits and features that are quite unique and highly comparable. Please move forward to get acquainted with some triggering facts of a CDI torque wrench-

  1. Digital meters for torque measurement: This torque wrench has a digital meter in the vicinity of the handgrip. This meter shows the user the amount of torque force applied so that the user can tighten the fastener accordingly.
  2. Flexible and comfortable grip: These torque wrenches have a unique and comfortable grip all over its handle portion. Whatever you desire out of such an engineering tool, you just cannot deny a comfortable grip because, without it, you won’t even be able to do the work promptly. A rigid grip is a prerequisite to work at any cost and situation.
  3. ISO certification: We aren’t pretty sure about other products but are boldly saying that CDI torque wrenches are industrially tested and ISO 9001 certified. Most of the manufacturers, repair and service centers are nowadays shifting to this equipment because it has positive reviews of a great magnitude in its past.

Why torque application is worthy while working?

You might wonder why the term, torque has been introduced even when you are tightening a fastener! As we are talking about a tremendous engineering tool you must also be taught about some engineering terms that will help you in future for sure! Let’s get you introduced to the equation first-


In physics, each and every term has individual symbols. But the torque is what we apply to a fastener while tightening it. The length of the working point and the point of force varies on the wrench length. As the length increases the ultimate force at the point (which is torque) increases. This applies greater power while fastening. The CDI torque wrench effectively calculates the amount of force applied to the point of work so that the user can be warned before the threshold point. Above the threshold, the material of fastening or even the material could break and cost you the total product again! But once you are used with CDI torque wrench, you won’t even experience any second-time expenditure because you know what the limit for the material is! 

Types of CDI torque wrench:

Nowadays, differently typed torque wrenches are used for different applications. Fastener where your bare hand and straight/long drivers can’t reach; can easily be tightened with bent drivers or wrenches. Cdi has also those options. The most prominent CDI torque wrench types are detailed below in brief-

  1. Micrometer wrenches: CDI micrometer wrenches are truly lenient and delicate yet perfect in measurement. As the name implies, when you are working with extremely delicate items and needs fastening, the CDI micrometer torque wrenches are just perfect.
  2. Split beam wrenches: Split means the beam of the wrench can be split or bent at different angles. This option allows the user to reach hideous portions of any complex working. This is highly appreciated and helpful for users because the users don’t need to open the overall arrangement rather operate from the outside. Split beams help the user to operate and tighten or loosen any fasteners very easily yet with perfect measurement.
  3. Mechanical Dial: Digital meters require extra battery or power source to display the results but there are CDI torque wrenches, which have provision for only mechanical meters inbuilt. These meters show the torque measurements through revolving arms.


There are lots of things a torque wrench is capable of doing. But most important things to do anything are concentration and perfection. Concentration is on your own but when you are thinking about perfection, you can’t rely on your bear eye measurements. That is why best torque wrenches are breaching the market and certainly, CDI torque wrench is something that can add perfection to your concentrative works!

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