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Craftsman Torque Wrench Reviews

Craftsman Torque Wrench
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Among differently typed torque wrenches, the craftsman torque wrench is literally one of the awesome ones because of a set of exquisite features. Apart from the model number, how many of you have ever heard of a torque wrench? How many of you are familiar with a torque wrench and about what it does? If you ever haven’t heard of something like this, then it is high time you’ve come to know about it.

Especially children and teenaged boys, the torque wrench is one of the best tools that can help them to do and learn lots of household works. A torque wrench is nothing but a piece of engineering tool. This tool is predominantly made for twisting, tightening or loosening any sort of screws or something pertinent. To be more specific, a torque wrench is a fastener for screws, nuts and bolts, and things alike. The only difference between hand fastening and torque fastening is that this tool can measure the torque applied for fastening purpose.

Measurement of torque applied to something becomes greatly important because of the fragility factor. All the subjects aren’t made up of the same flexible materials. For an example, if you are tightening a screw on a steel sheet, it’ll require a lot of pressure and you can tighten it to a great extent. But the same doesn’t ever apply to plastic matters. The same amount of torque application would certainly crack the material out and ultimately break it. Therefore, the torque wrench has been introduced and it is truly an essential engineering tool for households.

Models of craftsman torque wrench:

Craftsman torque wrench is just the name of the category; in which, there are several models. Some of the best torque wrenches in this category are – Craftsman Microtork Torque Wrench, 25-250 in. lbs., 3/8 in. Drive, Craftsman 3/8-in. Dr. Digi-Click Torque Wrench, 5-80 ft. lbs., Craftsman Micro-Clicker Torque Wrench 1/2″ Drive, Craftsman 3/8-in. Dr. Beam Style Torque Wrench, 0-75 ft. lbs., Craftsman Micro-Clicker Torque Wrench 3/8″ Drive, etc.

All the models are of different shape and torque measurements. Some of the mare used for low-level application whereas others are for high-level applications. Its ultimately you to decide the best torque wrench.

Benefits while using the craftsman torque wrench:

  1. Measured fastening: Torque measurement while fastening any portion of any material is truly important and needs to be lenient. There is a meter in most of the craftsman torque wrenches, which helps the person working with it to determine the necessary amount of torque. The reading out of the meter is in newton-meter or foot-pounds unit. Through the perfect measurement of the torque application, a person can work with the best fastening.
  2. Ultimate comfortable grip: When you see the product and take it in your hand, you’ll feel true comfort for the handle is completely covered with redesigned grips. These grips have uneven surfaces that allow the user to grip it firmly. People whose hands sweat while working won’t even feel any slippery sensation while using this product.
  3. Locking feature: Most of the craftsman torque wrench is equipped with locking feature. The locking feature has two applications. The one-sided lock allows the torquing end to get locked. In this case, the user needs to pull the wrench up after a spin and then again apply torque periodically. On the other hand, another locking feature allows the revolving sprockets to get locked on one side but revolve around the torquing portion. In this case, the torque won’t be applied to the loosening part at all because it gets locked to that side.
  4. Incrementing factor: Most of the torque applying wrenches is equipped with the incremental option for applying greater or shorter torques according to the user needs. If you need to apply the greater force that you cannot apply through bare hands, then you just can put the factor to a greater value; the torque applied would be greater. You’ll find that the rod length has been increased.

Other general features that craftsman torque wrenches serve:

Besides many technical applications, these torque wrenches serve human needs to a great extent like-

  1. Household works: In most of the household works, a torque wrench is truly helpful because you need to maintain loads of home appliances In case of any difficulty of fixing such appliances, a craftsman torque wrench wills truly be helpful and handy.
  2. Portability: These torque wrenches don’t take too much place for transporting from one place to another. You just can take it in your suitcase of handbags rather than carrying with extra care. Most of these products come in a fine plastic case, which keeps these products safe from outer damages or scratches.
  3. Colors: Kids and teenagers doing household works and learning engineering things are fond of colors most often. For them, different colors would really be helpful and worthy of their learning. Craftsman torque wrenches come in different colors for user convenience also.

Safety measures and things you should know before application:

Whenever you have bought this product, try to learn about all the things it covers prior to how to do it. This will help you to know on which products, this tool can be applied. After that specific knowledge, you can move towards learning to use the torque wrench. This is the part where you need to learn physics a little bit. You better be acquainted with torque values and units. Seeing the product tension and bearing ability of screws fastening you need to distinguish and determine how much force to apply.


A torque wrench is certainly an engineering tool. Especially for kids, these are the tools, which give birth to engineering in their minds and slowly yet steadily they get fond of other engineering tools along with it. This is, you can certainly say as the birthplace of things to learn to fix appliances. Make sure that you have taught your child about the torque knowledge prior to using a craftsman torque wrench so that he gets the out and out knowledge of such products.

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