Whenever you think of working with something interesting, then a snap on torque wrench is just the right thing for you. Working with torque wrenches is becoming day by day activities because it is one sort of engineering tool, which can help in a lot of aspects. From household works to fitting bathroom screws, from fixing your television fasteners to tightening your engine nuts, etc. many sorts of works are happening day by day. As for a snap on torque wrenches, there is an additional feature that is truly ironic yet compelling.

Features that distinguish snap on torque wrenches from others

Snap On Torque Wrench

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Bending neck

Snap-on torque wrench has a bending option at its neck. You can bend the upper ratchet portion at 3 or greater convenient levels. This is the most epic option that is available in this torque wrench. While bending the upper portion of the torque wrench, make sure that you’ve placed the upper portion at the right grooves in the bending neck. It will get locked at a state. Without locking the neck, don’t work because you might slip off from the fastener and cause damage.

Some of the best torque wrenches come with 2 bending neck options. In such products, you can bend the product at two different parts.

Knurled handle/grip

The tight and rigid grip is the key to positive works. As this is a wrench, this is to be gripped with a very tight grab. In this case, the knurled handle will help a lot even without any sort of rubber grip. Using rubber grips will be comfortable at the beginning but as days will pass, you’ll see that the grip has even lost most of the knurls and ultimately it will become smooth.

This smooth surface will cause you problems at slipping. The handle itself of the snap on torque wrench is well knurled so that you can easily work with even bare hands. If your hands sweat generally, you won’t even slip while working. This is a true specialty of its product line.

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What is a torque wrench?

A torque wrench is a special form of a screwdriver. The main and only difference in this sort of wrenches is that, through a torque wrench, you can tighten or loosen any sort of compatible fastener with precision control. While you are working with a screwdriver and do not know how much to tighten any specific screw, what you do is that you tighten the screw to the limited when you feel its ok. While you are unscrewing any screws, you are doing just the opposite. Compared to unscrewing, screwing or tightening any sort of fastener is crucial because you are reaching a threshold point of the material.

Through a torque wrench, you have the control to screw the fastener very delicately. Although this won’t seem to be effective for hard metals when you are working with small and delicate materials, for example, engine boards; you need to be very careful about tightening. If you over tighten any screws; screw threads would be damaged and it might cost you the whole thing again.

The above two sections were to make the impression of torque on you. According to physics, torque is the multiplication of force (in Newton) and Distance (in Meters). The units of distance and force might vary according to product specification. In most of the products, you can see the maximum permissible torque range which will help you to understand how much or torque and force you’ll need while working. This is what torque is all about. The primary objective is to save your product from any damage and repair it perfectly like brand new.

Snap on torque wrench

As the name implies, there is a pair of the word- “snap on”. This is the part at which, snap on torque wrench is differentiated among thousands. Snap on torque wrenches has this unique capability to get mounted on any sort of grooves for screwing or unscrewing. The flexible hinges on the mount make such possible along with the bending neck capability. The neck bending capability of such a best torque wrench allows the user to reach almost everywhere where bare fingers of long pliers won’t to reach that easily.

Both digital and analog snap on torque wrench is available

Generally, digital torque wrenches require a battery mechanism in order to display the torque measurements whereas analog meters show the torque measurements delicately. The main advantage of using a digital snap on torque wrench is that you’ll get the ultimate torque measurements smoothly and promptly.

But in the case of analog ones; you’ll need to watch very carefully and see if there has been made any mistakes or not. To make sure that the work has been perfect, a digital snap on torque wrench has no alternative. This is the best to use at times.

When to use digital and when to use analog torque wrenches

Although digital and analog, both typed snap on torque wrenches are available in markets which serve the same services to the users, you need to choose the best one according to the working environments and conditions.

If you are working in any sort of dusty and filthy area, then using a digital torque wrench would be best because the meter won’t be trampled. But if you are working in any wet or humid area, you need to make sure that you use the analog torque wrench. In such cases, your digital meter shall go down.


Torque wrenches can be a lot effective if you are well acquainted with all the dos of this product. Especially children can like this product. Kids naturally like doing repairing works from their childhood and this is the best time you can set a new torque wrench for your child.

This is the engineering tool that can help your child to learn a lot of things onward. Although using other tools might be required but a snap on torque wrench can really be impressive at screwing and unscrewing fasteners very quickly and easily!

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