Nowadays, a torque wrench has really become an important part of every family. This is nothing but a very small engineering tool required for many repairing and maintenance tasks.

With the help of a nice and suitable torque wrench, you can do almost all sorts of tightening and loosening of all sorts of fasteners in your home. Not only at home but also you can use this product outside; for example- your car. You can change your tires using this sort of torque wrenches and CDI Torque Wrench 2503MFRPH is the best option.

The main principle of using a torque wrench is to do tough works very easily and through applying less force. However, in the torque wrench family of products, you’ll see a lot of convenient ones but this guide will get you acknowledged with one of the finest ones.

The product to be detailed through this guide lies in the snap on torque wrenches family. The product is CDI torque wrench; model no 2503MFRPH. This product has a lot of exquisite features that will help you with all its got and all you need.

CDI 2503MFRPH Torque Wrench Review

CDI 2503MFRPH Torque Wrench

This CDI torque wrench has a set of valuable features that are truly convincing for powerful and quick works at your ease. Whenever you come to this product, you better get acquainted with all of its features first and then start working with this massive tool. There are a few points that you’d like to know for sure about this product-

Torque application range

Torque is the amount of force multiplied by displacement. The unit of it is shortly abbreviated as NM (Newton Meter) or FP (Foot Pound). Both the units can represent torque readings. This product can measure torque starting from 30 foot-pounds to great 250 foot-pounds. You can get the idea once you have applied torque and worked with something. The range of its torque application is literally massive and praiseworthy.

Dual scaled and dual calibrated

Dual scale means the presence of both the Nm and Fp scale. Everyone can operate with this product very suitable. However, calibration of such a tool is highly necessary because a small defect can cause a lot deflection in the total measurement of torque with this product.

Ease of setup

When you are up with this product, you need to get it ready first. Sometimes, the ratchet head drive is kept open by a lot of users. This is obviously a safety guide for this product while not using this. But for your information, setting this product up completely is very easy. Installation of the ratchet head is very easy. Moreover, putting any other grip on this product is never any problem. All you need to remind is the point of forcing the lever for torque application.

Laser marked scale for ease of display

For many users, reading the scale out perfectly becomes a great issue. Sometimes, due to misread, calculations become wrong and the work becomes haphazard. For the ease of users visual matters, this product has come to you with laser engraved scale. This is the part, which is completely easy and readable for the user having seeing difficulties. Once you try this product, you will believe your eyes without any doubt!

Weight and measurement

This massive product weighs only 4.3 pounds. The weight is completely suitable for a mid-range torque wrench because this is neither too heavy nor too light. On the other hand, the measurement of this tremendous torque wrench is 21.2 x 2.8 x 2.4 inches. From the bottom to its top, this is somewhat like a pencil wrench, which gives you with ultra torque strength. This is the tool ready to help you with your ease and with perfection!

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How torque is applied through a wrench

Fasteners are generally tightened or loosened through a screwdriver. But when you need to make it very tight or open fasteners very smoothly yet perfectly, you won’t be able to do that with your bare hands. In such cases, you’ll require a nice torque wrench. Torque is the amount of force applied to anything multiplied by the displacement of the torque center and the force application. In wrenches, the torque applying center and the lever end is the displacement. This length decides the amount of torque to be applied to something.

A torque wrenches lever length can easily be changed through a meter molded at the end in most of the torque wrench models.  There is a revolving wheel, which is calibrated, on the wrench wall with the meter readings on it. These meter readings give you the torque values in newton meter or in units pertinent. This is the basic principle of using a torque wrench, although there are the different click or dial torque wrenches.

How you’ll apply torque to the best torque wrench? You have to hold the wrench with both hands. If you are right-handed, then hold the lever in your right hand and vice versa. Then hold the ratchet head with your left hand. Then finally you can twist and revolve the wrench keeping your left hand steady for holding the drive steadily revolving. You can reach the last point and come back again in the first point; in such case, you’ll hear clicks in the ratchet heads. Through this mechanism, it always you not to revolve the whole torque wrench at 360 degrees but a few degrees only.

What to remember while using this product?

This is a torque wrench to apply the greater amount of force to fasteners, which cannot be tightened or loosened with bare hands. However while tightening, these wrenches are used for perfect measurement of tightening so that all the fasteners are tightened to the same extent and force. This is for the longevity of the material. Therefore, you have to obey some regulations while using this product like-

  1. Always work safely while using this product.
  2. Be very cautious to the number of rotations you are making to any specific fastener.
  3. Keep the ½ inch drive very safe and tight to the fasteners before applying force.
  4. Always use both hands before applying force to the handle and applying torque.


The 2503MFRPH is truly one of the best models in the section of Cdi torque wrench, which certainly can be regarded as the best torque wrench. To make the best use out of this product, firstly, you need to know all the specification of the product and lastly, you need to know what are the measures to make this product work successfully on any specific matter. That is how you work with such a tremendous engineering tool. More or less, this truly is a tool that can start to teach your child what engineering is!