When you are well acquainted with how to use a click torque wrench, you’ll be able to do a lot of households works very proficiently. Among differently typed torque wrenches, click type torque wrenches are most powerful compared to any other typed torque wrenches.

Before knowing how to the sea click type torque wrench, you need to be well acquainted with a click type torque wrench first, its maintenance and safety standards second and lastly how to use a click torque wrench.

What is a click typed torque wrench:

A click typed torque wrench is available in our nearby markets. Most of the people buy it for different sort of works and see that it can cover a lot of areas. Using a torque wrench for yourself, you’ll be able to use by yourself that it can cover different repairing and maintenance works for home appliances, tire changing and other works for automobile vehicles, fixing furniture’s too unscrewing furniture, etc. almost all sort of works related to fastener tightening and untightening can be easily done with the help of a click type torque wrench.

Click type torque wrench works with the click principle. Generally, a torque wrench looks like a rod where there is a meter engraved on the rod wall. In digital meters, the meters are inbuilt with the digital meters. There is also analog meter torque wrenches available.

For tough works, the wrenches, which have displacement factoring meters engraved on its wall, are the best. There is a locking mechanism right at the bottom of the product. Loosening this knob, you’ll be able to change the rod length and make changes to the torque application precisely. After that, you can tighten the knob and fix the torque magnitude very perfectly.

On the top of the wrench, you’ll see the ratchet head where you can mount any sort of fasteners. You’ll need to change the ratchet head driver according to the type of fastener on which, you are to work on. You can even use any sort of socket for an extension of the work. In such case, you can go further inside for work where the bare torque wrench lever won’t go (for an example, car/bus/truck rear type screwing/unscrewing).

The click mechanism lies inside the ratchet head. When you are screwing the torque wrench clockwise, you are tightening the fastener. You have to fix the amount of torque earlier than that. When you are revolving the wrench, you’ll hear a click, which denotes the halting of revolving. At this point, you’ll need to stop revolving and this is the maximum force you have to apply to all the other nuts. This is the basic principle of working with a click type torque wrench.

In case of unscrewing, you can just reverse the direction of the torque wrench, in that case, the clockwise revolving will result from nothing but you’ll hear a number of clicks. When you rotate the lever counterclockwise, you’ll unscrew the fastener quite easily. The ultimate reason for using a torque wrench is to maximize the amount of force applied to any fastener rather than applying the force with bare hands.

Safety and maintenance guide for the user:

Using such an impressive engineering tool requires that you are well safe while working. This is one of the most important prerequisites of using a click typed torque wrench. The safety measures that you ought t follow are-

  1. Wear a pair of gloves at both of your hands so that you do not get damaged in case of accidental slips from force application. But defer using rubber gloves because rubbers might slip. It is best if you can use gloves made up of different fabrics.
  2. You might need to wear goggles while you are working with such a tool. You never know what sort of accident might occur and damage your eyes.

Maintenance of this product is literally easy. All you’ll need to do is to maintain a few things like-

  1. Do not ever immerse the torque wrench thinking of better cleaning. It might damage the ratchet head.
  2. Do not ever lubricate the ratchet head thinking of less noise and smoother operation. Most of the wrenches come with permanent lubrication, which is suitable for the product for good.

How to use a click torque wrench:

When you are to tighten any sort of fastener you need to follow the points detailed below simultaneously-

  1. Take out the torque wrench, which was kept at zero torque level inside the box of it. Keeping at zero torque level is mandatory so that the product has zero force at steady state.
  2. Put the fastener on the hole where you want to tighten it perfectly.
  3. Fix the lever length through the locking knob mechanism at the bottom of the tool. When you have fixed the displacement value, then its time to get moving towards ratchet head.
  4. Fix the ratchet head according to the fastener type. You can use any sorts of sockets for extending the work for ease. However, using the socket won’t hassle the torque application because there isn’t any loss of displacement or force.
  5. Now when you have hinged the ratchet head drives into the fastener lid perfectly, its time to revolve clockwise the wrench. If you are a right-handed person, take the lever of the wrench on our right hand and hold the ratchet head joints with your left hand. This will allows greater precision and control over your tightening. Now revolve the lever to tighten the fastener. When you hear the first click, it means that the wrench has reached to the value you had set. Similarly, you can fix all the other nuts or fasteners accordingly.
  6. If you are likely to unscrew all the fasteners, you can do the same by just twisting a knob on the ratchet head. This will turn the rotations just in opposite directions. Now clockwise turning will make clicks rather than tightening but in counter-clockwise turns, the fastener will get unscrews and loosened.


Using a torque wrench for different sort of works is truly impressive when you know all the tricks and tips on it. The user manual guide possesses all the things it has as options. Therefore, you better go through the total user guide before searching for how to use a click torque wrench in the web.