If you are not well acquainted with how to use a dial torque wrench, then you’d better learn before buying any dial torque wrench. A dial torque wrench is a product that has a dial on it which shows the applied torque on any specific application. The measurement of torque is quite necessary when you are about to do delicate works. If you are not using a torque wrench but using a mere screwdriver or slide wrench, then there is a risk of breaking the product ultimately. In that case, you don’t know how much force you’ve applied to the product and how much force the product can bear. If accidentally the force applied crosses the force the product can bear, it will cost you the whole product again. Thus a torque wrench is mandatory to use.

How to use a dial torque wrench?

Using a dial torque wrench includes several key points that you need to maintain very strictly. Using a dial torque wrench means to maintain and service the torque wrench, obedience to safety measures, way to applying force to any specific object etc. moving forward, well discuss all the points individually.

How to maintain and service a dial torque wrench:

Maintaining and servicing a dial torque wrench is very easy. But due to knowledge scarcity, people damage a nice torque wrench. For your information, a dial torque wrench can be maintained and serviced very easily yet delicately. Things you need to remember in this case are-

  1. Never lubricate the dial or the torque wrench inner portions because most of the torque wrenches come with permanent lubrication. Extra lubrication can cause improper torque calculations and measurements. This will not only damage the torque readings but also hassle your consecutive calculations.
  2. It’s always recommended to wipe the dirt and dust out of the wrench by wiping. You should never immerse the wrench completely inside a drum full of water thinking of cleaning each and every portion of it. Doing so will cause improper torque measurements and in a worst case, it can cause corrosion for the wrench in the long run. Wiping is the best solution out in this case. Or if you are feeling something better for this product, you can even use a blower fan to remove the dirt. However, the blower isn’t perfectly suitable and you should use it from a bit far away.
  3. While you have done your working with these torque wrenches, you need to keep the wrench at its lowest torque level that is at rest. Make sure that, at rest, the torque wrench isn’t forced or the spring isn’t kept pulling. This might cause the elasticity to trip down and the total product will give you wrong reading while any important works. Therefore, make sure by yourself that you’ve kept the product very easily at its lowest torque level in its cover.

Safety measures that you need to follow:

Knowing how to use a dial torque wrench is truly necessary. One more thing to such necessity are to know what are the safety measures of using such a nice yet classy tool. The messages for you in this regard are-

  1. Always read the manual carefully and completely before you go live with this product. Through the guide, you’ll get a lot of ideas, multiplying factor tables, maintenance measure etc. this is a prerequisite for operating a device properly and perfectly!
  2. While working, it is highly recommended that you wear safety goggles and gloves. Although this work isn’t similar to welding works where goggles and gloves are mandatory; but safety is what all that matters. There is a wise saying “Safety first!” Even if you are running out of time for an emergency work, never start working without wearing safety goggles and safety gloves. You never know when a debris part can flow away from the material and get into your eyes.
  3. It is never appreciated to use a cheat extension for getting higher pressure on the level of the torque wrench. This will cause a bit wear on the product itself and the torque measurement will never be the same.
  4. You should never exceed the torque range from the dial meters. Even if you do so, the dial meter might get damaged and the torque wrench ultimately.

How to use a dial torque wrench on fasteners:

A torque wrench is generally used to fasten fasteners very precisely and controllable. While you have a fastener to tighten with a dial torque wrench, you have to do the followings-

  1. First, put the fastener on the screw hole of the product/material. Make sure that you’ve put the screw absolutely vertically. Inappropriate placing might cause the threads of the screw to damage and ultimately break the product down.
  2. Get the torque wrench out of its rest position at its box. Hold the wrench at its handle suitably. Put the ratchet head on the fastener driver on its lid. Make sure that the groves are set completely and symmetrically. If you feel the fastener has a loose grab, then make changes to the ratchet head.
  3. After you’ve set the perfect combination of the torque wrench and the fastener lid driver, place the wrench and rotate the wrench clockwise. It is clockwise turnings in case of tightening and vice versa for loosening. Make sure that you are applying force slowly yet steadily. Sudden force won’t give your perfect result, as the dial meter will deflect transiently.
  4. In the dial, you’ll be able to see two different meters. One will move according to the torque you apply and the other will set at the last point where you’ve stopped applying force. The first one will come back to the zero point but the latter one will stay where you had applied the last maximum force. This is the point to show you exactly how much torque you had applied for any specific fastener.


Using a dial torque wrench isn’t very tough but you need to be well acquainted with all the parts of a torque wrench. After the product introduction, you need to see the joints and the hinges of the product for yourself for product knowledge. Then if you know how to use a dial torque wrench, it won’t be too much hassling to use such a tremendous product at home!

How to use a dial torque wrench?
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