Best Torque Wrench: An Essential Tool In Your Daily Life

Nowadays, repairing and maintenance works has breached its limit to a great sphere where a best torque wrench is truly necessary equipment. With a suitable and nice torque wrench, you can do almost all sorts of fastener tightening and loosening works. There are hundreds of types of fasteners, nuts, bolts and other typed shells, which need tightening or loosening force for different purposes. Doing this task through bare hands become quiet impossible whereas with the help of a nice torque wrench, you can do it pretty impressively and smoothly.

best torque wrench

>>> Best Torque Wrench On The Market in 2015 <<<

Nowadays, torque wrenches have become famous due to their ease of use and greater compatibility. Compatibility issue is one of the most important factors because you need to make sure that you are working with the perfect fitting torque wrench. In order to know what a torque wrench is built for, you ought to know why is it named so. The term torque has some valuable meanings in the reference of physics. Knowing the meaning of torque will let you know why we are using this engineering tool day by day.

Top 3 Torque Wrench Through Market Research:

Nowadays, torque wrenches have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. From repairing washing machine to changing vehicle tire is very easy through this tool. Although most of the torque wrenches basic principle is mechanical, but the addition to electrical means has made it much more comprehensive and efficient for mankind. Besides precision mechanical displacement/rotation; it has been equipped with powerful digital meters, which display the perfect measurement. Now you can easily work with your eyes blinded. But there are almost thousands of different typed torque wrenches. So which one to choose?

Therefore, choosing is the most critical task before working with any specific torque wrench. This is the phase where you research of different torque wrench reviews and get to learn about the pros and cons. Through market analysis, you’ll get loads of different typed torque wrenches like mechanical torque wrench; dial typed torque wrenches, torque comparators, interchangeable headed torque wrenches, micrometer torque wrenches, micrometer torque wrenches, quick set split beam torque wrenches, torque multipliers, electronic torque wrenches, pre-set torque wrenches and so on. Choosing between these torque wrenches becomes really too much confusing when you have a large set of data in front of you.

In this regard, we thought to provide you with three different torque wrenches that have most of the ideal characteristics out of a generic torque wrench. Besides these characteristics, there are some additional features that might help you out in case of accidental issues. We have plucked out 3 most popular torque wrenches readily available in the market. Below, you’ll get the detailed features of the products-

1. 16600, the click style torque wrench:

Simplicity is what most of the people want. The 16600-is one of the best yet simple torque wrenches available in the market. In the market, the most poplar ones is highly sold because of simplicity. Simple engineering tools are greatly used in household works, which is high in magnitude compared to industrial demands. This is a very simple torque wrench, which has click notations in the ratchet head. This product is truly convincing and very easy to use. Knowing a few technical specifications of this product will certainly help you to get acquainted with this product broadly-

  • The 16600-torque wrench measures 49 x 5 x 4 inches. This is a unique and simplest measurement for a torque wrench. In addition to this feature, the weight of this product is 16.4 pounds. This combination is more than a torque wrench because both weight and product dimensions are truly prolific. When you are working with a torque wrench you have to make sure that the product itself isn’t too heavy that you cannot hold it easily. On the other hand, you also have to make sure that it isn’t too light to force the fastener well enough.
  • PRO ratchet head is the vital part of this torque wrench. If you go through the torque wrench reviews of this product, you can know more about the ratchet head. Inside the ratchet head, there are certain number of teethes. These teethes can help you to determine the maximum permissible torque force applied on any specific fastener. This is very important.
    While you are fastening any fastener, then after a certain time, you’ll be able to hear a large click. This is the point where you have to halt applying torque to the lever. Similarly, if you go through all the other fasteners of the same product (for an example, a tire of you vehicle), all the portion will be symmetrically attached and very rigidly.
  • This torque wrench is only 49 inches in length. Compared to its length, you can easily hold the wrench rod with both your hands. Holding the wrench through your both hands is very necessary so that precision control is maintained. If you work with only one hand, there are there might be slip and fall of the drive head from the fastener grooves. This might cause fail of torque application symmetrically. But if you are using both your hands while operating n any specific fastener purpose, then you are sure to have everything perfect in your hands.
  • In case of left hand threaded fasteners, this product also works. All you’ll need to do is just to switch the button in the opposite direction to that of for a right-handed person. This option lets left-handed persons work very easily. Also, in case of fasteners threaded in the opposite direction, where the fastener will tighten through counter clockwise rotation and loosen while clockwise rotation, this product can just be the perfect end point solution.
  • The 16600 tremendous torque wrench comes with factory installed ¾ inched drive head. The drive head is the portion on the lid part of the ratchet head. This is the square shaped driver that sets on the fastener grooves and then the user applies the force on the lever end. Drive head can be of different shapes and sizes according to the type of fastener to work on. ¾ inch drive measurement is the most ideal measurement regarding home appliances and most of other pertinent products. Using this torque wrench will certainly help you to cover a wide range of products very fruitfully and perfectly of course.
  • As we all know that torque is measured in newton meters. However, there is another unit in which, torque magnitudes are measured; that is called foot-pounds. This product has been rated wit the latter measurement factor. Through this ¾ inched massive torque wrench, you can go for torque force starting from 100 ft.-lbs. to a massive 600 ft.-lbs. this is quite a huge range for the case of such a small yet rigid best torque wrench.
  • Attaching accessories to the torque wrench becomes sometimes mandatory for different sort of operations. For an example, when you are up to working inside the hinges of your vehicle engine, you might not be able to apply the torque force directly with the torque wrench drive head. In such cases, you might need a drive extension bar and go to the deeper engine portion. This 16600-torque wrench effectively complies to a great set of accessories that might be truly necessary for easy and quick fastening operations.

2.C4D600F, click type torque wrench with split beam facility:

When you need something really enthusiastic in your very first shot, then something innovative additional to the basic characteristics is what you are looking for. As for an engineering tool like a torque wrench, if this is what you are looking for, then the C4D600F is just the best torque wrench for you. There are hundreds of reasons why you should opt for this product compared to any other pertinent product. However, going straight to wards the technical specifications of this product might give you the whole idea of this product very efficiently-

  • This massive torque wrench measures 28.2 x 6.2 x 3.8 inches. For a torque wrench like this, predominantly, this is the best measurement for a torque wrench. But there are more features that adjoin with these features which will be discussed in the later part of this technical specification portion.
    Besides this dimension portion of this torque wrench, you’ll get to know through going through the torque wrench reviews that this product weighs only 9.1 pounds. This is way too lighter compared to the first best product we had discussed in this guide. However, there are reasons why its weight is way to lower than the first one. The answer lies in the split beam characteristic in this product.
  • Like any other torque wrenches in this world, this torque wrench also have a ratchet head right at the top portion of this product. But the exquisite characteristic out of this portion in this product is that, the head is easily detachable. This is the part where the product is specialized in. if you are in need of using the rod for any purpose, and then you just can detach the ratchet head and se the wrench rod. On the other hand, you can even use the dethatched head to tighten or loosen any lower graded fasteners very easily because they won’t need much torque. This can be easily provided with this short portion.
    in accordance with this, the total wrench can be very effective in both the detached portions. The main concern is that, the lever length can easily be changed for a greater deal of having torque values. Though this product, one can easily apply and fix torque levels starting from 200 ft.-lbs to 600 ft.-lbs.
    in addition to this strong point, greater lever length allows the user to apply the torque force much easily and precisely. Greater length of the torque wrench lever allows the user to operate the torque wrench in a much more wide area within reach. This is the basic principle of using this massive and impressive torque wrench.
  • Most of you might think if there is any spring mechanism inside the split beam mechanism in the product C4D600F. There is just a perfect solution in this case. When you want to split the beam length into your own accordance, then all you’ll need to do is just tap on a point typed button, press it hard that it reaches down the level of the moving rod hole. After you’ve reached to your specified point of length, you can release the button the button will automatically raise up locking the rod length at that specific portion. This is how there isn’t any big spring mechanism all over the beam but inly at this small knob button place. Changing the beam length isn’t of too much hassling at all.
  • Due to the spring button in the torque wrench, the changing of rod length has been really easy. The rod length changing time is somewhat crucial for the user at emergency times. When you are not able to reach to any specified torque wrench but only have this product, you can just tap on the button with your bare hands and increase the length. While you are working in your garage, you won’t need to sit with a series of torque wrench set but with only this product. If you can take one accessories box beside you while working with this product, then you just have everything at your ease.

3.GearWrench 85074, one of the best flex head torque wrenches:

Nowadays, different sort of products are being manufactured in the technology market. Not only in the sector of technology market, but also automobile sector is increasing drastically. But the products being manufactured also will require a phase of repairing and maintenance after a certain period of time. Not only thinking about future, but also in the factories, repairers and workers need a sort of tool that will help them to do any sort of small tasks very enthusiastically. Therefore, the GearWrench 85074 is named!

This is one of the most massive products in the market having exquisite features.  Talking about the features ins short wont let you know about much of this product, therefore, in the starting rom the following section, you’ll be able to know detailed specifications about the features this product entail.

  • This product measures approximately 30.5 X 3 X 3 inches and weighs only 5 pounds. For the case of its dimension, it might seem a very short torque wrench, but the main important thing in this regard is that, you can work very precisely on any delicate matters. In micro-tech industries, these sorts of torque wrenches are like a part and parcel for the workers.
    As for its weight, which seems to be very low, but this torque wrench is truly convenient while working on any tantalizing tasks. More or less, this is the best torque wrench for the micro-tech industry. Suppose a worker would like to tighten a fastener on any specific PCB (printed Circuit Board). In this case, the fastener shouldn’t be too heavy nor too light. This product weighs only 5 pounds which is nor too high for the worker to carry, nor too light that the works gets haphazard. Through this product, the worker can easily fabricate the printed circuit board very enthusiastically and scrupulously. Not only in the micro-tech industry, but there are thousands more sectors in which, this sort of GearWrench is used.
  • Flex head option is the best and most exquisite feature in this product. This is the feature, which allows the bending of the driver head of this torque wrench. The most important phase of this product lies while working in any hideous portion of anything, like for an example, inside the engine of car. When you are working in your vehicle at your garage, you might not be able to reach all the parts of it due to the haphazardly wired web. But this product will easily let you reach to the specific location through its bending head qualities. However, not only in the automobile sector, you can work at any other similar typed hideous portions.
  • The drive head of this massive product measures ½ inches. This is truly ideal measurement for any screwdriver head. The most important characteristic of this driver is that, this is truly rigged and rigid compared to a light weighed torque wrench. If you go through this products torque wrench reviews, you’ll get a lot of information more about the drive head. However, using the torque wrench with a bit extra care at the drive head is mandatory. This is the part that rotates and tightens any fastener, therefore, it is always recommended to keep an eye at this portion especially compared to all the other parts.
  • One of the most exquisite options in this torque wrench is that, this is an electronic torque wrench. This electronic torque wrench comes with a buzzer inbuilt. Along with the buzzer, there are three different lights, which are colored as red, yellow and green. The green is the color that will flash when you are tightening any specific fastener very smoothly. The orange bulb will flash out when you are close to the threshold point where the fastener is provided with the necessary torque. The red bulb is the bulb for indicating you to stop rotating the wrench further. Beside these features, this massive torque wrench also comes with an electronic digital display that will show you the amount of torque you have applied to any specific fastener.
  • The buzzer in this product is another exquisite option, which lets you know what is the condition of fastener tightening. Once you’ve reached the threshold limit of tightening, you get a buzzer beep. This is the point when you stop rotating the torque wrench. While you are working on any sensitive matter, you wont even need to pay much attention. You can just go slowly without any concentration; the buzzer and the bulbs will let you know what are the conditions of the fasteners. This is truly amazing while you are working with something that needs care without concentration. That is one of the most reasons why you can go for this best torque wrench without any sort of hassle.
  • Angle of torque rotation is one of the most important measures while working on any delicate fastener. Through this massive torque wrench, you can even bend the drive head at any convenient angle. This angle lets you grab any fasteners very perfectly without even placing the torque wrench at any straight angle. This option lets you go for any fastener very easily. That is one of the best reasons why you can work on any situations.
  • The display has even got a backlight LCD screen that allows for better and clear visibility towards the values of torque you are working with. Clear visibility becomes one of the prime requirements especially when you are working at fractional torque values. Change of 0.1 Nm can cause unwilling and unnecessary cracks on the material you are working on. Therefore, with this massive product, you can work without any hassle. In this regard, you can set the torque value slightly lesser than actuated. Through this method, you just not only ensure the proper tightening of any specific fastener but also can work very fast irrespective of greater attention and details.
  • One button touch conversion of the torque values has also made this product truly enthusiastic. With only one touch of a dedicated button, you can get the torque values in two different scales, which are newton meter and foot-pounds. Some of the fasteners and products might come in either measurements and you can work on both values with this tremendous torque wrench. In such cases, you can choose this torque wrench prior to going through the products torque wrench reviews out and out.
  • In the ratchet head, there are some valuable information that you might be interested in. in this portion of this tremendous best torque wrench, you’ll get 60 teethes; each having a rotational angle of 6 degree. This is a very strong torque wrench having delicate measuring qualities. While you are rotating any fastener for tightening, you can go very slow and hear the clicks in the torque wrench ratchet head. Through the calculation of the teeth clicks, you can even determine the number of clicks and go accordingly for all the fasteners accordingly. This option lets you work efficiently in case of the failure of the buzzer and the bulbs even. You need to fix any specific amount of clicks in any specific fastener and go accordingly for the rest of the fasteners. Through this method, you also get flexibility or working perfectly through all the fasteners.
  • The product all over itself is molded with highly rugged aluminum alloy. On the handle side of this product, you’ll see that the handle is knurled at well values. This is the portion that allows you to grab the product very strong. For the purpose of working very smoothly and perfectly, a perfect grip is the first mandate. After a perfect grip, the concentration on the rotation is all you’ll need for the task to be done perfectly. This product gives you both in a simultaneous manner. That is why you might be interested in this product compared to any other product available in the market.
  • The ratchet head is well sealed for the safety of 60 teethes inside of the ratchet head. Due to well sealing of the ratchet head, you can work with any fastener even in dust and dirt situations. This is somewhat like a sealed safety for the product without any special defect. This feature of this massive product lets you work with this product for a long time irrespective of intermittent repairing and maintenance. For some torque wrenches available in the market, you might need a frequent check for repairing and maintenance according to the condition of the torque wrench; but this is one of the best frequently available torque wrenches, which require as less as possible attention for repairing and maintenance.
  • Shock resistant housing and working is another exquisite feature out of this product. For and example, when you are working on any engine of your vehicle that is on start, you can easily get on working with it without any vibrational hassle. Torque wrenches, which has fixed ratchet head and drives on the lid, won’t be able to serve well in such cases because the torque wrench lever along with the vibrational effect on the drive and ratchet head will vibrate. But in this impressive product you wont be able to detect a pinch of vibration. As we have stated before, this product has a flexible ratchet head that is flexible and can rotate at angels of the user concern, the vibration gets hampered in this position and you can work very easily and perfectly. This function is basically impressive for automobile sector only.
  • Ease of access is truly impressive n this product. Why so? Because the product is less weighed but can easily control and access to almost any sort of delicate to medium leveled work. Due to this option, this product has achieved a lot of market attention. From flexile design to compatibility factor, from the overall product dimension to the product weight, this product has given the user a lot more than deserved. Not only this; but also this product has ensured reaching to places where bare hands can’t reach with generic engineering tools. Material; for an example, a plier. You cannot reach any delicate places with a plier on your hand. In such cases, you might get hassled because griping a plier requires your fingers and the paw also for grabbing the total product. Moreover you re not even sure to see the place of work properly. But with this product you can not only see properly but also can access to any sort of hidden portions because it is somewhat similar like a ruler.

What is torque?

We all are well acquainted with momentum, which is the amount of force multiplied by displacement. Torque is nothing but same as momentum; but the only difference lies in the rotational displacement in case of torque. Displacement for momentum is measured in case of linear displacement whereas torque measurements are measured from rotational displacement. This torque value has a lot of significance in case of fastener situations. The value of torque determines how rigid the fastener is on any specific material.

Educationally, torque is-

Torque= Force (Newton) X Rotational displacement (Meter)

The unit of this value is measured in newton meter or foot-pounds. Specific materials have different values for different situations. Comparing these torque values, one has to be careful enough to attach a fastener with perfect torque measurement.

What is a torque wrench?

Torque wrench is a form of engineering tool that looks like a bar. However, this bar has a scale right at its bottom part where the handle is situated. On the top head, there is a ratchet head on which, there is a driver, which drives the fastener through pinpoint settlement. Through the rod length determination, the user can easily fix the torque force and the length of the force application.

A best torque wrench is truly necessary when you are looking for something very reliable and perpetually convincing. Although you can get hundreds of different torque wrenches in markets nearby but finding the best one is your primary task. You obviously have to make sure that you are up for something that will match with things you require for work. With the help of a torque wrench, you can repair almost all the mechanical and electrical appliances. A torque wrench is traditionally and engineering tool with which, you can tighten and loosen almost all sorts of fasteners. As all the things nearby us are jointed through several typed fasteners, this tool is truly necessary to open appliances up and fix them after repairing.

What are the primary parts of a best torque wrench?

When you have a best torque wrench in your own hands, then looking closely will give you a lot of idea about what are the main components of such a tremendous engineering tool. Seeing a torque wrench with your bare eyes, you’ll see a grip in the bottom portion of the handle. The grip of the product might also be made up of steel but knurled quite prolifically. This is the part where the user grabs the product while applying force.

Secondly, right, after the knurled handle or artificially attached rubber grip, you’ll see a scale denoting torque ranges. You should be noted that right at the lowest point of most of the torque wrenches, there is a knob that links with the revolving part of the handle. This revolving part helps the user to fix the torque value by just putting up and down the lower part of the wrench.

The ratchet head is one of the most important parts of a best torque wrench. This is the part, which allows you to be freely movable to the other side of tightening. Through this ratchet head clicking, you don’t need to unhook the torque driver out of the fastener grooves. This is truly convenient because through a screwdriver, you might have to unhook or unplug the whole driver out of the screw and then put the screw again perfectly. But ratchet head makes this hassle absolutely zero.

The most important part of any sort of torque wrench is the meter. As the era is changing with hi-tech innovations, torque wrenches are no exceptions. These engineering tools has also been equipped with technology means so that the user can see the torque ratings precisely. In this order, different manufacturers have also provided torque wrenches with digital meters for torque measurements. This is highly controllable with precision adjustments. Through a digital meter, you can directly measure the torque measurement up to decimal points very perfectly.  However, in such cases, you’ll need the torque wrench to have a battery power option.

How you should use a torque wrench?

Using a torque wrench is never hard once you’ve gone through different torque wrench reviews. Through the reviews of different torque wrenches, you’ll be able to know specific and deterministic features of different torque wrenches. Reviews show if the product is well capable of a users requirement or not. Torque wrench reviews will show you all the specifications in as short as possible. However, the key features of different torque wrenches are the key point of creating reviews for different torque wrenches. Without knowing the wrench specification, it will just be meaningless of knowing the use of any specific torque wrench.

Now if you are well acquainted with any specific torque wrench, then you are to move forward with the ways of using that torque wrench. But how to do so? There is a common ways that each and every torque wrench follows; although there are some keys that can change the behavior/rotation of a torque wrench. Moving forward, there are some key points following which, a person can easily get acquainted with the use of any torque wrench.

  1. Try to keep the torque wrench at very rest and easy position in the provided box. This is one of the most important prerequisites of safekeeping a best torque wrench.
  2. If you are a right-handed person, always force the rod lever through your right hand. And if left handed, then the opposite.
  3. Take the torque wrench nicely on your hands and then fix the torque limit to apply on any specific fastener. This is the most important part of torque wrench where you fix the amount of maximum permissible force to any specific fastener.
  4. When you are fixed with torque fixing, you have to choose the best socket of drive that matches with the measurement of that fastener. In this phase, you can use any measurement in drive heads on the lid of the ratchet head.
  5. In case of using any extending socket, you don’t need to worry if the amount of torque will be changed or not. The torque will be the same; just the length of the drive head will be extended through a socket.
  6. After fixing everything, its time to apply the torque on the fastener. Now you have to hold the knurled grip with your right hand and the ratchet head back side with your left hand. Make sure that you hold the ratchet head in a steady position as much as possible. Then you can apply force on the lever clockwise. Clockwise rotation is for tightening any specific fastener whereas counter clockwise rotation is for loosening for fasteners.
  7. When you reach the torque you had fixed for the fastener, you’ll hear a click sound in the ratchet head. In this case, the number of clicks also matters. Apart from greater tightening, this click is the point where the fastener has been tightened to its maximum set torque value. It wont get tightened further because you ad fixe the value before operating. Similarly, you can use the same procedure for tightening the rest of the fasteners of any specific product.
  8. In most of the torque wrench products, you’ll see that there is a switch right at the bottom portion of the ratchet head. This key is the part that allows for vice versa operation of the drive head in the ratchet head. When you are up for loosening any fasteners, you just can switch this knob and force the rotation in counter clockwise direction. In this phase, you wont need to fix any torque amount because at a certain point, the fastener will get loose and start unscrewing.You might think if you’ll need to put the drive head out and then again start rotating putting the drive head back on again. This wont necessary because the clicking mechanism is just inside the ratchet head just as like the rotation in the clockwise direction for tightening. This is truly convenient for any such operation in both sides.

Some other popular torque wrenches available in the market:

Besides these top three torque wrenches, there are so many other torque wrenches available in the market. Though we didn’t put them into the top three lists but you might also be interested in these torque wrenches. Difference between different models has made the torque wrenches so valuable and attentive to different details. Therefore, you might want to look over some other products as well. Below, there are a few new torque wrenches available in the market nowadays-

  1. GearWrench 81230P, full set of 4 pieces: This is just a compilation of every sort of torque wrench you might be in need. This box contains four different lengthened and typed torque wrenches. Within only one box, you get a variety of working through torque wrench. The characteristics and features of this product are quite impressive, like-
  • This product controllably deals with the access towards any specific fastener. Through the access calculation, you can go for any specific torque wrench available in this 4 set box. Ease of access is the priority with this set. Using any of the best convenient wrenches, your work can be done properly and promptly.
  • Intermittent 3 degrees position of teethes inside the ratchet head gives you outrageous 120 clots for tightening clicks. Through this option, precision works can even get a better precision control. Even in decimal measures, you can go for torque forces where it might be effective. The ratchet head is also flexible and rotational which will allow you to go and reach for any hard fasteners inside any hideous portions of any material.
  • This product all the wrenches have got double-stacked pawls. This is the part, which has made the precision control better and prudent towards any sort of delicate works. In case of the first or second pawl gets tampered or broken, the second ones gives support to a great extent. Therefore, reliability is issue is a great concern in this product and you can trust this with blinded eyes.
  1. Tekton 15359 torque wrench: Although, all the torque wrenches basic principal is the same, but their working principle might not be the same. Till now, the descriptions stated about the torque wrench, had almost the same operating mechanism but this product, Tekton 15359 is truly convincing, impressive, funny yet efficient. The features of this product are very simple, and easy to understand. The features of this product go like this-
  • This product has got ¾ inch drive head on the lid of the handle; this portion is strong, rugged, smooth and effective to mount on any suitable fastener.
  • The 40-inch breaker bar is the basic and distinguishing feature of this tremendous best torque wrench compared to all the generic torque wrenches available in the market. This portion is called as moly break head. This is the part, which is attached with the drive heat with a rotating bolt maximum at 180 degree. Therefore the handle of the torque wrench can easily be set at any convenient angle for working precisely.
  • If you need to work at any angle, you just have to twist and put the lever to your convenient level and angle of working. Even if you are not likely to pull the drive head out of the fastener, you can just rotate for tightening for a period, then put the total lever 180 degree backwards and then again start rotations for tightening the fastener.
  • With this product, you get a set of accessories, which are spring loadable. Spring mounting of drive heads is the best way to mount the drive head to the ratchet heads for fasteners.
  1. Precision instruments C3FR250F: When it comes to tightening fasteners with high concentration, the precision instruments are truly convincing and sturdy. Especially, when you are up to any sort of laboratory or robotic works, this torque wrench can certainly help to you attain your goals regarding the molding of any specific machine. When you are dealing with a lot of fasteners daily, this precision controlling torque wrench can help you a lot. However, knowing the torque wrench reviews of this product might help you to get acquainted with further qualifications of this product-
  • This is a split beam typed torque wrench firstly. The split beam access to this torque wrench provides a lot flexibility over hundreds of other fixed lever torque wrenches. When you are up to any mysterious fastener tightening work, then using this products split beam function, you an easily get your work done. The beam mostly splits just beneath the ratchet head portion because the head is kept short in length compared to the lever length.
  • There is an adjustment knob on the torque wrench, which helps to actuate the magnitude of the torque values. This is truly necessary when you have kept the torque wrench at rest for a good time and want to use it like a new one. You just can set the value precisely and get to work very smoothly. This adjustment knob also eliminates residual torque values in the spring tension of the product. This is very necessary while you are working on any precision matters.
  • For repetitive applications, you can set the torque wrench very smoothly. In pace with the ½ inched drive head, you can start the torque value from 50 ft.-lbs. to a tremendous amount of 250 ft.-lbs. the torque value is much more higher compared to the dimension (26.5 x 11.7 x 1.9 inches) and weight (4.2 pounds) of this product.

Accessories available for different typed torque wrenches:

Nowadays, you might prefer buying the accessory set rather than buying the different type d whole torque wrench. This will not only save your cost but also your ease of access and feasibility. When you have a changeable drive head on your best torque wrench, then why would you bother buying different other measurement torque wrenches whereas you can go for the whole set of new drive heads?

Buying the accessories box is way more comforter and easy for any user. For example, while you are working in your vehicle, engine, you might need different drive heads in the same engine. In this case, you wont be easy to bother for different torque wrenches, which might be different in both, dimension and weight. But if you are having the same torque wrench, you can have your hands very easy and have precision control. All you’ll need is to just change the drive head. Nowadays, extra levers are also attainable. But you need to go through the torque wrenches reviews first if they are compatible with the product you are working with or not.
You can get a lot of accessory box in markets nowadays. The most prominent accessories in terms of torque wrench are extenders, socket ranges, bars, and levers etc. Some sets come with the specific product with different measurement but also some other sets come with the compilation of all sorts of accessory. Below you might want to look at different accessory box for different typed torque wrenches-

  1. 3-Piece Neiko Tools: This is a 3-piece set of extension bars. Through the help of these bars, you can reach to any hideous portions of any task you are working on. This set contains 3 different socket measurements extension bars, which are simultaneously 4, 6 and 10 inches. However the drives of all the three extension bars are of the same magnitude which is 3/8 inch. Besides these values, there are a few features that you’ll wish to know, like-
  • These extension bars are truly of heavy-duty services. All of them are 3/8-inch drives, which allows you perfect strength for all the three bars accordingly.
  • All the three extension bars are made up of superlative chrome vanadium steel bars, which has made these three set truly sturdy and rugged. Quality compromise is absolutely zero in these accessories.
  • The best feature of these bars is that, it gets tightly fit with most of the torque wrenches ratchet head drives for torque application.
  • Black oxide metals make the finishing of all the three bars. This has not only provided a safety shield all over the extension bars but also has increased the longevity and strength of the bars to a great extent.
  1. Ingersoll Rand SK6H8L, tremendous 8 piece deep impact socket set: When you are having a single torque wrench with the same drive head but cannot access the fasteners of different socket typed heads; you can use such a socket set accessory. This set of 8 piece sockets is equipped with the same drive heads measured ¾ inch. All the socket sets can be mount with this ¾ inch drive head from the torque wrench lever. You can get different measurements regarding the sockets and then operate in any specific fasteners with this set.
  • Rough and tough with high reliability factor 8 sets of different sockets. These are truly convincing and impressive while you are working on any hard fastener works.
  • These sockets are laser etched for labeling their values. This is one of the most exquisite features of these products. All the 8 sets of sockets possess electro phosphate finishing what allows stylish and sleek outlook of all sockets.
  • The chrome –molybdenum forge foundation of these products has made the se truly strong and powerful.

How to use a torque wrench (simultaneous ways to work with a torque wrench):

You have a very powerful torque wrench but not have gone through the torque wrench reviews promptly. In such cases, what happens is that, although you are having the product at your hands but do not know the ways of making the best use out of it. Therefore, it is always highly recommended that you go through the product manual and the online torque wrench reviews with their feedbacks. These will certainly help you to decide and go for one specific product. Dilemma while buying a new one is nothing new. But just to make sure for one specific model, these are highly required.

After you’ve gone through all the things and selected your own torque wrench, you have to know the ways and procedures to use that best torque wrench. In general, most of the torque wrenches have the same point of view for making it work. Below, you’ll get all the simultaneous ways of using a torque wrench-

  1. Bring the torque wrench box in the site where you are to work with the wrench. Get the wrench out of the torque wrench box just before you are to work. Keeping the torque wrench in a nice and suitable box is truly mandatory because it keeps the torque wrench cleaned and at steady state which is necessary for its calibration issues. On the other hand, getting the torque wrench out just before work is recommended because, you might forget to keep the wrench back again in the box before working. In case of any accidental falls of the torque wrench, the drive head and the ratchet head teethes might get damaged and all the other efficient outputs of that torque wrench might get tampered.
  2. When you are ready with the torque wrench in your hands, you have to place the fastener right in the place and in the hole just vertically. Sometimes fasteners get untamed into the hole and gets crack. This causes the material to break on which the fastener is to be mount. Therefore, make sure that the fastener is placed right vertically in the hole where fastener thread is made. In case of small plastic boards, you do not need much to worry if the threading is there in the board or not.
  3. Holding the torque wrench has two main concentrations on the two hands we entail. For a right-handed person, the torque force must be forced through the right hand. While forcing the torque to the wrench, you have to make sure that you’ve held the knurled portion of the grip with your right hand. Neither you should hold the wrench after the knurled grip, nor before. Holding the grip is the main recommendation by experts.Just aside with it, you have to maintain a strong grip over the ratchet head portion with your left hand. The right hand is to apply force and the left hand is for the precise allocation of that force right to the torque wrench driver. Using a torque wrench having drive head in the lid of the ratchet head requires both hand operations for the effect to be effective. If you tend to work with one hand with your torque wrench, you you are somewhat sure to make any small to big mistakes unwillingly.
  4. Rotating the wrench clockwise will tighten most of the fasteners in this world (this is because, there are some special cases where counterclockwise directional rotation results in tightening of fasteners, for example- fan cover screw). However, while tightening, you have to make sure that the drive head is successfully rotating the fastener also. On the other hand, rotating the drive head counterclockwise will loosen the fasteners. It is important to look and watch over the tightening rather than loosening. While you are loosening the fastener or nut or bolt, you do not need to heed attention but while tightening for sure.
  5. While you are tightening any specific fastener, then you wont hear any clicks from the ratchet head; rather the driver head will rotate the fastener according to the force applied by you at the handle. But when you’ll reach the torque value or near to it, you’ll get notifications (from those torque wrenches which are capable of this feature). When you have reached the maximum permissible value of torque for any fastener, you’ll hear a click types buzz from the ratchet head. This sound is created by the teeth clicks inside it. This is the point where you are to stop and repeat the same process to the rest of the fasteners.
  6. In case of loosening any fastener, you do not need to care much. This is because while loosening, you absolutely do not need to concentrate on the torque force you are applying. In addition o this, through a torque wrench, you wont need to put the wrench out of the fastener and then again put it after a certain amount of rotation. Torque wrenches are equipped with the ratchet head, which will reverse, in the opposite direction without any results but just produce clicks. You won’t need to pluck the drive head out; rather you just keep loosening the fastener continuously with these two procedures.
  7. There are hundreds of different accessories available for different typed torque wrenches. The torque wrench drives are compatible with different sort of sockets and extenders. Sockets are used for the same torque wrench to operate on different typed fasteners. This is similar to a converter, which is an electrical equipment accessory. Just in this product, the product is mechanical made for assistance. Rather than buying different typed torque wrenches for different sort of fasteners, it’s better to buy only one torque wrench and a box full of compatible accessories filled with sockets and extenders. Extenders are used in the cases where you cannot reach the fastener with the total torque wrench.
  8. Most of the torque wrenches are forced just at right angle at the place of ratchet head. This is mandatory before applying force to the torque wrench lever. If you force the lever to any other direction, your drive head might get a bit tampered which in turn will damage the product. But nowadays, there are some new innovations in torque wrenches. The flexible heads with the multidirectional rotational ratchet head even allows the torque angle at a bit slanted angle. This feature of torque wrenches has made fastening almost all sorts of fastener works where straight screwdrivers wont be able to reach.

Safety measures you should obey before and while working with a torque wrench:

Predominantly, you have two phases of working with a nice torque wrench. One phase is before starting to work with a torque wrench and another is while you are working with a torque wrench. In the first phase, you have to prepare all the safety measures for working with a best torque wrench. However the first phase safety measures that you should follow might be pointed out like follows-

  • You have to keep proper safety equipment before starting for work with a torque wrench. For an example, working with torque wrench might cause any sort of accidental issues. In such conditions, you’ll need medical aid box. A nice medical aid box aside you while working with a torque wrench is truly necessary.
  • If you are to wok on any fiery conditions with the torque wrench, you should always keep fire extinguishers aside you. For an example, when fire workers work with torque wrenches to pull endangered people or equipment out, then always keep fire extinguishers nearby. Similarly, if you are up to working with a torque wrench at your garage at any such conditions, you better keep fire extinguishers aside you. You can also keep a drum filled with water or sandbox for fire extinguishing.
  • Keep the accessory box aside you before starting to work with a torque wrench. When you have started working with a torque wrench, then you might anytime require a different set of drive head. In such positions, you wont never be likely to step out of the work and then go to find a new drive head. Therefore, keeping a nice accessory box aside you before starting to work is very convenient. It will not only save your time but also keep proper concentration on the work you are doing.

When you are working with the torque wrench, which is the second phase of the safety measure; there are some facts that you ought to obey. Like-

  • Whatever the condition or situation is you are working on with; you have to remember wearing safety gloves and goggles. This is a must and must be maintained always while you are up to working with a nice torque wrench. If you defer wearing gloves or goggles, you might not get troubled for several times but if once you are troubled, you might undergo severe injuries. The most important matter we believe is using a goggles, because, if any splinter typed material just knocks and reach to your eye portion, it might cause severe injury.
  • Second most important safety measure is always to work with safe concentrations. Sometimes people work in vain just t tighten the fastener well enough like in the way, the work has to be done in any means. This is truly a problem. Especially, when you are on to any precision controlling work like molding and mounting all the screws on a printed circuit board, you have to be very cautious. Counting the number of spins is a very good practice while using a best torque wrench. Most of the specialists recommend going through the torque wrench reviews in order to know a few facts, which are not only simple but also effective.
  • Keeping an eye on the drive head is very necessary and mandatory .in the first rotation of your torque wrench, you have to make sure whether the fastener is moving along with the drive rotation or not. Suppose you are up to a 200 rotational work. After you’ve done rotations, you are seeing that the knob was turned otherwise where the torque wasn’t applied even. This is very simple thing that people forget to look out. The main view of this point is that, make sure that your torque rotational direction is fixed and you have counted the number of rotations required. Secondly, you have to look at the fastener head to check whether it is being perfectly driven with the rotation of the torque or not. In the first rotation, you can make assure of it and then go for the rest of the rotation without any hassle or delay.
  • Make sure that you count the teeth clicks within the ratchet head very carefully and promptly. If you count the numbers in your mind, you might forget and make the numbers puzzled. The best way in this regard to to call out the number loud enough that reaches your ears; even if you are working alone in your garage or home. Through this process, you are sure not to forget the count number of rotation.
  • While you are rotating and applying the torque, make sure that you’ve held the torque wrench strong enough that it doesn’t slip or fall. For an example, if you’ve held the torque wrench loose and suddenly the wrench falls on the floor. In such case, you’ll forget the number of previous count and even the position where it as last rotated. This can cause the fastener to ultimately receive one more or less rotation. More torque will cause to break the material on which the fastener is to mount; one less rotation will cause uneven tightening and cause ultimate failure over a period of time. Therefore, holding the torque wrench really strong is one of the most prime requirements for a user to work effectively and efficiently.

Facts regarding the torque wrenches, accessories and other pertinent things that you ought to know:

Nowadays, many people are buying different sort of torque wrenches, which has different purpose of works at different values. However, buying these torque wrenches will be effective only when you are well acquainted with the torque wrench reviews and the ways of using the torque wrench perfectly. The most important matter in case of torque wrench is that, rather buying different torque wrenches compatible to different types of works, you can go for accessories that will fulfill all your works fruitfully. However there are some critical things that you shall need to know about accessory mountings-

  1. When you are up to mount any accessory on the torque wrench drive head, make sure that both the socket and the drive head adjoins perfectly without any gap. In most of the torque wrenches, you’ll see that there is a spring mounted small spherical ball on a side of the drive head. This ball gets lowered and clicks the socket of the accessory in the drive cage. This makes the perfect joint of the drive head and the socket. Make sure that you’ve promptly inserted the spring ball inside the socket shack.
  2. Whenever you are applying force on the rod lever, make sure that the force direction is just at right angle to the base of the torque wrench lever. If someone pushes the force towards the torque wrenches drive head, then it might tamper the fastener, which is being tightened. The fastener should be free from any sort of force linearly. Rather the rotational force must be applied just through the drive head according to the ratchet head torque measurements.
  3. Condition and weather of working with a torque wrench different time to time and matter-to-matter. Especially the type of material on which you are to work on must be dealt with the type of torque wrench. For an example, when you are up to work on any plastic board, then you wont need to use any sort of heavy duty torque wrenches. Heavy-duty torque wrenches are way heavier than light duty torque wrenches. Light duty torque wrenches are delicate in measurements and sensitive to measurement values. Therefore you have to understand at which sector should you use which type of torque wrench.
  4. While you are buying any accessory set, make sure that you have the perfect measured drive head in your torque wrench. You can get any of the drive head measurements like ¼ inch, ½ inch, 3/8 inches etc. but if you have a torque wrench having a drive head of ½ inch whereas you’ve bought a set of accessories all having ¼ inch, then everything goes in vain. You have to make sure that you have bought the perfect set of accessories having the same measurements as that =of your torque wrench measurements.
  5. Safekeeping of the torque wrench and the accessories is truly necessary if you are likely to have service out of them for a long long time. If you are harsh at your torque wrenches and throw that after your works, then you’ll see that after a certain period of time, the drive head or the ratchet head will get loosened. This will cause the accessories not to fit perfectly after a certain time. This will ultimately cause you to buy a new torque wrench ultimately.For safekeeping of all the accessories and the best torque wrench, it’s always convenient to keep all of them in a nice box with grooves. If you buy the accessory set, you’ll see that all the separate pieces are mounted inside the grooves made inside the box, which keeps individual items tight. The torque wrench will also be available in the same manner. If both the torque wrench and the accessory set are kept inside a nice box, which is dry, then you can keep the torque wrench and the accessories for a long long time. Sometimes, you can use chemical agents like CaCl2, which is called as Calcium Chloride. This chemical reagent inside any sort of box soaks all the water particles inside the box and keeps everything clean and dry.
  6. Before buying the torque wrench, you have to understand the type of work you want to cover with the torque wrench you are up to buy. There are different typed torque wrenches available in the market, for examples there are torque wrenches like dial typed torque wrenches, split beam typed torque wrenches, clicker typed torque wrenches, normal beam typed torque wrenches, digital meter torque wrenches, analog meter torque wrenches, engraved meter torque wrenches etc. make sure that you go with any specific means of torque wrench and then go for the best torque wrench

Maintenance or repairing of a generic torque wrench:

Like every other material in this world, torque wrenches are also made up of different typed steel alloys. After a certain time of continuous or intermittent using of this product, torque wrenches also gets rusted or stained. Day by day, the stained increases and ultimately weakens the strength of the torque wrenches. But if you are safely keeping the torque wrenches, then you are to receive damages out of these products after a long time. If you are encountering any problems and needs to repair and maintain your torque wrench, then there are some measures that you might follow. Like-

  1. You can work with the torque wrench under any sort of conditions like dry, wet, extremely wet or dry etc. but make sure that you’ve kept the torque wrench dried inside the box very promptly. This will help the wrench to maintain its qualities for a good time.
  2. When the wrenches get stained and rust, they tend to block at specific portions where the rotations of the total torque application get crackly and hassled. For such cases, you might look forward to using lube oils to smoothen those rusty portions. In this case, you can use the residue engine lubes, clean kerosene oils or other pertinent liquids for maintaining the joins.
  3. When the amount of rust is way more that natural, you might want to clean the rusts through a nice saw-tooth typed blades. When you’ve cleaned the total lever of the torque wrench, you can then go for lubricating the wrench lever nicely. However, after lubing the total lever of the wrench, you have to clean the total rod with a nice and clean fabric.

You may want to see this Video to know more about the way to use torque wrench


Torque wrenches are nowadays being used in almost all the repairing and maintenance spheres in human life. This is the part and parcel of our daily lives, which we might not be using directly but out household chores are going through continuously. We are asking for different home appliances for repairing to he repairers. We might not be using the torque wrench but the repairers are continuously using this sort of tools. When you are giving your car away to the garage for repairing and maintenance works, the workers use a torque wrench to work fast with loosening of all your cars fasteners. Similarly, there are thousand more sectors in which we are being served by different typed of torque wrenches.

On the other hands, accessories are also being used by millions of people worldwide. In stead of buying new torque wrench with bigger pocket money, buying of torque wrenches accessory set at less money has been very easy and feasible for most of the people worldwide. Therefor, usage of torque wrench has increased a lot.

In addition to that, the compilation of mechanical means with the electrical mechanism has made the torque measurements much more easier than before. In the medieval ages, where people didn’t even know to tighten any fastener, now people are tightening any specific fastener with perfect force. Electrical means has made this precision work much more convenient and reliable.

In today’s life, torque wrench has a very important value. From construction of building to making a new vehicle model, from fixing bathroom fittings to making monuments etc. almost all sorts of works require a nice wrench at its core. Where fixing separate parts with fasteners is the matter, and then the requirement of torque wrench is a must. Although a torque wrench costs way less that any other engineering tool but it is one of the most important tools that needs care not only while working with it but also while safekeeping this. Therefore, expert recommends going through the torque wrenches reviews before buying a best torque wrench to for the best output of works.